I took this photo. Copyright Notice: The photo above can only be copied or used if you ask me personally.
This was taken from a helicopter at about 6,000 feet. We were just east of Mt. Laguna looking east toward Anza Borrego State Park. You can see parts of Thing Valley in the forground. Also in the forground is part of the Sunrise Powerlink tranmission lines. At the top of the photo you can see the Salton Sea in the haze. It was a bit hazy because of a nearby wildfire, which is why we were in the area.

This is a merged photo made from 10 individual photos. On the right side of the photo you can see some ghosting on the ridgeline where the software had trouble matching the photos. I was using my Olympus E-500. It was taken on June 19, 2012. Other than merging the photos no modifications or "improvements" were made to the original photos.

Use your mouse, or the button controls pictured below, to zoom in or out, move up down or from side to side within the photo. Clicking on the circlular button makes it move around the photo on its own. The box with 4 arrows expands the photo to full screen.

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