Photos I took at The Wave in northern Arizona. There are only 20 individual permits issued to hike to The Wave each day. I was lucky enough to win one of those. The road to the trailhead was very muddy in several spots. The rangers recommended using a 4 wheel drive. I joined in with Justin, Andrew and Jonathan, who had also won a permit. The Wave is located just a few miles outh of the Arizona-Utah State line, and east of Kanab, Utah. It has some of the most amazing topography on Earth. Check out my videos, too.

dsc_5958_fs_small.jpg dsc_5959_fs_small.jpg dsc_5960_fs_small.jpg hikingtothewave_small.jpg dsc_5961_fs_small.jpg
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dsc_5972_fs_small.jpg dsc_597377autopano_small.jpg dsc_5973_fs_small.jpg dsc_5974_fs_small.jpg dsc_5975_fs_small.jpg
dsc_5976_fs_small.jpg dsc_5977_fs_small.jpg dsc_597884autopano_small.jpg dsc_5978_fs_small.jpg dsc_5979_84_fs_affopa_small.jpg

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