These are the photos I took on April 25, 2016. This was the start of my journey with my new trailer. I started out at 5am from Houston.

On these pages, you will see the Marksville Mounds, The Sarto Old Iron Bridge, The Angola Ferry, Atchafalaya River and Bridge, parts of the Tunica-Biloxi reservation, and a few other places.

dsc_1773_small.jpg dsc_1775_small.jpg dsc_1776_small.jpg dsc_1777_small.jpg
dsc_1777a_small.jpg dsc_1779_small.jpg dsc_1780_small.jpg dsc_1781a_small.jpg
dsc_1783_small.jpg lastofthemarksvillemoundsdsc_1784_small.jpg atchafalayabridgedsc_1785_small.jpg dsc_1786_small.jpg
dsc_1788_small.jpg dsc_1789_small.jpg dsc_1791_small.jpg dsc_1792_small.jpg
dsc_1793_small.jpg oldriverlocksdsc_1795_small.jpg dsc_1797_small.jpg dsc_1798_small.jpg
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